CBA Pakuranga 

        Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand

     Long: E 174 53' 39"  Lat: S 36 53' 43" 

                    IAU Obs Code E85

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CBA Pakuranga

FCO joined the CBA team in 2000 and is known as CBA Pakuranga. Since 2000, the CBA and Prof Joe Patterson have been generous supporters of the observatory at Farm Cove


 CBA Pakuranga Data

Data Archive since 2000

2016 Targets

HZ Pup
V803 Cen
WX Cen

  Centre for Backyard Astrophysics (CBA)


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The Centre for Backyard Astrophysics or CBA specialises in photometry of Cataclysmic Variable Stars or CVs. The CBA has collaborative members from all around the world, covering all longitudes. This approach so favoured in modern astronomy, gives the team the ability to track CV's continuously, allowing for the acquisition of very long, unbroken light-curves. This can reveal a diverse range of activity in these short period binary systems. 


Professor Joseph Patterson from Columbia University leads the team which consists of 50+ independent stations around the world. Currently 7 New Zealand stations are providing data and their combined contributions help make the CBA one of the world's most powerful and successful professional/amateur collaborations in the field of Cataclysmic Variable star research.

  Pictures of Interest
A global network of small telescopes dedicated to photometry of CV's
  Light Curves
V418 Serp from JD 808.828 to 809.307 - 31 May, 2014
V893 Scorp From JD 512.762 to 513.901 - 8 August 2013
Light curve of V2672 Oph Nova 2009 from JD 2455065 - 22 August 2009
OY Car - 2000 V803 Cen - April 25, 2001
HP Lib - April 30, 2006 EC 21178 - August 23, 2007

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